A good partnership matters

For 30 years, we have helped our clients tell their story and communicate in a clear and cohesive way. We provide the creative services needed to get the job done on time and on budget. We understand that our ultimate role is to help you achieve your business goals. On a day-to-day basis, as your virtual marketing partner, we’re here to help you by:





“We’ll only find solutions when we fully understand the problem.”


Greg will want to know all about your business. What problem do you solve in the marketplace? Where is the company in it’s growth cycle? How do you beat the competition? What are your objectives for this project? And when can we get started?

In addition to his external viewpoint, clients appreciate his business-driven perspective and ability to get up to speed quickly. Successful marketing requires sound strategy and simple, relevant messaging. So, be assured his persistence is all related to reaching your goals.

On his days off, you’ll find Greg on the golf course, volunteering to photograph a sporting event, walking or jogging to the lake.


“Adopt a style that supports your brand. And stick with it.”


Karen is passionate about designing cohesive sales tools that are not only effective, but also hold together over time. She has a real knack for keeping things looking fresh, clean and branded. She even loves forms, infographics and html.

And to complement her design skills, she’s very detail oriented. You can be assured Karen’s team has double-checked, spell-checked and cross-platform browser tested your work before it’s launched.

In Karen’s free time, you’ll find her renovating something, taking photos, biking, or searching for a new Pad Thai recipe.


Our virtual team members

One of the key things we’ve learned from 30 years in this industry; change is a given. So, we have strategically adopted a virtual model, adding experts to the team as needed. Technical writers, animators, specialized programmers or development teams to produce a large site, online tool, APP or demo.